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Not only can Accountable Mudjacking reach the edges of every sidewalk, we can remove trip hazards from virtually any angle and at any

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For expert and professional driveway services in and entire Kansas City Metro Area why go anywhere else.

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For mudjacking Kansas City and you are looking for a trusted and licensed contractor for your improving the safety of your driveway, walkways, or other concrete flooring call Accountable Mudjacking Kansas City. Accountable Mudjacking LLC is a family owned business in the Concrete Industry and has been for over 18 years. We serve the entire Kansas City Metro Area (Kansas & Missouri) and are Licensed and Insured.

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What is mudjacking? How does it work?

Mudjacking is the process of raising sunken concrete using a concrete mixture, known as “mud”. By drilling small, 1” holes in the concrete slab to be leveled, then pumping a grout mixture under the slab, we can raise the slab. After the concrete is at the proper height, the holes are filled with concrete to match the existing slab. Get mudjacking in Kansas City done by Accountable Mudjacking Kansas City.

Why do I need concrete leveling?

To put it simply, to protect your home, your family and yourself. If your concrete slabs fail to properly direct water away from your foundation, you risk costly water damage to your home. Not fixing it can create problems that nobody wants – foundation bracing costing tens of thousands of dollars. Even if water damage isn’t the concern, creating level surfaces to walk and play on means fewer hazards. These are two of the most common reasons customers call Accountable Mudjacking for help.

Is concrete replacement cheaper?

Absolutely not! Most mudjacking services are half to one-third the cost of concrete replacement.

Why did my concrete sink?

Plainly put: mother nature happens. Over time, soil settling, soil erosion, or underground plumbing damage can take its toll, causing your once level concrete to shift and settle. It’s most prevalent in areas of the country with certain types of soil, or where there is an annual freeze-thaw cycle, like Kansas City. Through this shifting of earth, your concrete may sink, heave, and even become cracked. Mudjacking can bring your concrete back to its former height and restore the integrity of the slab.


What is a void under my concrete?

A void is an empty space under the concrete that can be caused by water erosion or soil settling. This can lead to buckling, cracking, or settling of the concrete above.

Could rodent have done this?

Rodents certainly can create soil damage. Some rodents, like groundhogs or moles, dig tunnels that can cause the concrete above to sink or crack.

Should I replace my concrete instead of mudjacking it?

Tearing out then pouring new concrete slabs/patios/floors can be very expensive – usually far more than the cost of mudjacking. On top of the cost, ripping out sinking concrete is a much messier process and can do damage to surrounding landscaping. Mudjacking is also a much shorter repair. Once we’re done mudjacking, you’ll be able to walk on the area almost immediately – no waiting for concrete to set.


How long does mudjacking take?

Depending on the mudjacking service and the size of the area to be repaired, you can expect mudjacking to take anywhere from 1 hour to most of the day. However, the resulting corrected area can be walked on immediately.

Do I have to be home while you mudjack?

So long as the slabs you need mudjacked are on the exterior of your home, then, no, you don’t need to be present. We can fix sidewalks, patios, etc, while you’re away. However, if the slab is located in a garage or other interior area, then we’ll need you there.


Why should I do choose concrete leveling instead of just replacing my concrete?

If your concrete is not heavily cracked or damaged, concrete leveling will be about 1/2 to 1/3 less expensive than replacing the slab. You will also save time and hassle by choosing concrete leveling. The process usually takes a couple of hours instead of several days, you can drive or walk on the surface within hours, and there is much less mess after.

Will there be a lot of noise? What about dust and debris?

Mudjacking equipment makes about as much noise as a lawnmower. As for dust and debris, part of the process involves drilling small holes, which may make some dust. On occasion concrete needs to be sawed, which can make a lot of dust, but it can be managed by using water during the process.

How much space do you need when completing this project?

The amount of space needed depends on the extent of the services you require. Give us a call or send a message to get a better estimate of space needed for your situation.

Will mudjacking cause damage to my yard or sprinklers?

In nearly all situations, you will not see any damage from the mudjacking process. However, if your yard is very wet and the soil is soft, small ruts can be caused by the weight of the pump.

Could my concrete crack during the mudjacking process?

When moving any concrete, it is possible that some cracks can appear. Some concrete, when sunken, gets small cracks on the bottom that are not necessarily visible from the top. When moved, this crack could become larger. However, these cracks are not caused by mudjacking itself. If you use experienced, professional mudjackers who are familiar with the process, cracking is highly unlikely.

How many holes can I expect?

The number of holes depends on the size of the area being leveled and the way in which the concrete has moved. Larger slabs typically require more holes to properly fill beneath.

Will any patched holes match the current concrete?

Unless your concrete is new, the new patches will likely be a lighter color. Concrete darkens over time, but so will the patches, meaning that they will blend with your slab better over time.

What problems might I experience if I decide to mudjack?

If you hire a mudjacking company that does not use the correct methods, your concrete may crack. That’s why Accountable Mudjacking of Overland Park is a great choice!

What happens if I don’t mudjack?

That all depends on the problem area and what the underlying problem is. If you have a walkway or patio slab that slopes towards your home, you risk costly water damage as water pools around your home’s foundation. If the problem area is away from your home’s exterior, you may risk tripping and falling – which can also be costly to you and your guests. Leaving sinking concrete can cause further settling and damage to the slab itself, meaning that it may crumble and need to be replaced. So when in doubt, slab jack it!

How can I prevent concrete from sinking or cracking?

In order to keep your concrete level, you must ensure the soil under it is completely compacted and free from flowing water. It is also important that all outdoor ground slopes away from your house. Additionally, maintain your home’s drainage systems so water does not become trapped or leak out under concrete, and that all holes or cracks in concrete slabs are sealed.

Is it possible to lower concrete slabs?

Concrete cannot be lowered using a mudjacking process, however mudjacking can raise the adjoining concrete slabs to make the area level. Another option is to apply a concrete grinding process to even out the concrete.

Can you level my sidewalk if tree roots have caused it to lift or buckle?

In most cases, yes. If tree roots have caused your soil or concrete to shift, we can use the mudjacking process or concrete grinding to level the area. However, when a tree root has caused upward movement, the concrete will not be able to be lowered.


What is “grinding” and how is it used?

Concrete grinding is when concrete is shaved (or “ground”) down to match the height of adjoining slabs. Grinding is a good solution for slabs that cannot be leveled by mudjacking and also much cheaper than concrete replacement.

How long will these services last?

When you choose the Accountable Mudjacking for a mudjacking or concrete leveling service, the results will last many years. Our grout product is a mixture of crushed rock that will not deteriorate, be compacted or settle. In some cases, the soil may erode or shift again, but the concrete can be easily moved using the same holes.

What maintenance is required after a mudjacking or leveling service?

Sometimes there is some minor work required to maintain your mudjacked or leveled area. Depending on the project, you may need to caulk joints or update drainage, but we can advise you on what kind of maintenance you can expect when you call for your free estimate. Also, if we are drilling into a colored or finished concrete, we will do our best to patch the hole with a matching color. But that doesn’t require any additional work for you.

If I need mudjacking, does that mean my home has structural issues?

Most areas that require mudjacking are not structurally tied to your homes, meaning they are not part of the foundation. However, if there has been prolonged water damage because of sinking concrete, then there is a possibility of foundation damage.

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