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Mudjacking Overland Park: Exploring the Benefits of Concrete Leveling

Residents of Overland Park, KS are fortunate to have many professional companies offering concrete leveling services, including Accountable Mudjacking. Those looking for an effective and cost-efficient solution to repair their sunken driveways or walkways can benefit from this process as it creates a smooth surface that also looks much more appealing than before with no safety hazards posed by the unevenness. Mudjacking is known to be an optimal way to restore any type of cracked or uneven concrete surfaces!

Short Summary

  • Mudjacking is an affordable and efficient concrete leveling method to improve safety & aesthetics.

  • Cost comparison between mudjacking vs poly leveling should be done with a local service for best value.

  • Implementing preventative measures, regular maintenance, and prompt attention to any damage can help reduce the need for costly repairs or replacements.

driveway needing Accountable Mudjacking services
sunken driveway after Accountable Mudjacking services

Mudjacking Services in Overland Park, KS

For homeowners in Overland Park, concrete leveling is an invaluable service that can rectify sunken driveways, uneven sidewalks and split garage floors. In order to restore the original function and beauty of your concrete surfaces Mudjacking services provides a cost-effective solution from prominent companies across KS who have customer satisfaction as top priority for all their projects involving levelening work on any concrete surface.

Top Mudjacking Companies

At Accountable Mudjacking in Overland Park, KS, and the surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on being part of a distinguished group of contractors specializing in concrete leveling. Together with Thrasher Foundation Repair, KC Polylift Pro Foundation Technology Inc., and Foundation King, we have built a strong reputation for expert services in fixing driveways and leveling garage floors at a fair price.


Accountable Mudjacking, maintaining an average Google rating of 4.9, is considered one of the top businesses for mudjacking, sharing the rank with Thrasher Foundation Repair, while surpassing KC Polylift Pro Foundation Technology at 4.7 and Foundation King at 4.8. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart.


As a leading provider of mudjacking services, Accountable Mudjacking offers a cost-efficient solution for raising slabs of various sizes like driveways or foundations. Instead of resorting to alternative solutions such as poly elevating methods, homeowners know they can count on Accountable Mudjacking. Our customer service standards guarantee excellent results for each project, regardless of its size.


From repairing sunken pathways to ensuring evenness on flat surfaces such as garages, Accountable Mudjacking delivers high-quality concrete leveling work. When you hire us, you can be assured of superior workmanship and exceptional customer satisfaction. Choose Accountable Mudjacking – your trusted concrete leveling expert in Overland Park, KS.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Residents of Overland Park and Kansas City have been overwhelmingly pleased with the concrete repair services provided by Accountable Mudjacking. Our happy customers have shared their praises and experiences, helping others make informed decisions about their mudjacking needs.


One of our satisfied customers shared their experience, stating, “Got a fair price and a job well done. Great communication and they walked me through what they were going to do. Everything was cleaned up before they left.” This review highlights our commitment to fair pricing, excellent communication, and our practice of leaving a clean worksite after each job.


Another review, from a customer who was thrilled with the work of our crew, reads, “James and crew did a great job! Very professional and knowledgeable of their job. Very affordable as well! I would highly recommend them for your mudjacking needs!” This enthusiastic endorsement underscores our professionalism, expertise, and affordability.


Yet another customer was delighted to see their sunken driveway brought back to its original height, describing our work as a “wonderful job” done!


These glowing reviews provide insight into the service quality and experience levels at Accountable Mudjacking, setting us apart in Overland Park, KS. When you choose Accountable Mudjacking, you’re opting for a team that is praised for its superb craftsmanship, fair pricing, and high customer satisfaction.

sunken garage before Accountable Mudjacking levels floor.

Understanding Mudjacking

Concrete leveling is an attractive option for many homeowners that need a reliable solution for uneven surfaces. It utilizes sand, cement and soil mixtures to fill voids beneath sinking slabs while being cost-effective compared with poly leveling or slab replacement without the requirement of heavy equipment or large crews. When properly performed, it can last up to 5-10 years providing long lasting smooth surface in walkways, patios steps and driveways alike. The advantages of this method are clear as it offers an affordable alternative replacing entire concrete structures making mudjacking one worth considering when looking for options in dealing with sunken areas due to its longevity potential!

How Mudjacking Works

The procedure of mudjacking starts by drilling little openings in the sunken concrete slab that are strategically placed. These holes act as pathways for introducing a heavy combination of cement and soil, which is referred to as slurry underneath the slab. As this mixture is pumped beneath it, voids get filled up and pressure begins building, resulting in lifting and leveling out the element.


Since underlying causes like settling or erosion of soil leading to sinking issues with concrete blocks are addressed through such a practice – it gives long-term results while also bringing back its original look & integrity on Overland Park’s various surfaces using mudjacking! Being very economical yet productive at addressing these concerns makes this method so popular everywhere else, not only there!

Advantages of Mudjacking

Mudjacking is an economical and quick concrete leveling option, offering homeowners major cost savings. To other techniques such as poly-leveling or slab replacement. This process requires fewer labor and materials, which makes it a perfect budget-friendly solution for repairing sunken driveways, pathways or patios. Not only that, but with mudjacking you will get the improved safety of your property by getting rid of tripping hazards plus its smooth surface making aesthetically pleasing results too! Mudjacking can provide long term benefits due to giving greater structural stability than alternate methods while being simple enough not to cause disruption around the area.

Mudjacking vs. Poly Leveling

When considering methods to level concrete slabs, two main techniques are mudjacking and poly leveling. Both serve the purpose of raising up sunken or low lying surfaces made from concrete materials. They can differ in costs and their appropriateness for individual projects. Evaluating which option is right involves looking at different features like budgeting needs as well as the size of your project so that you receive ideal outcomes from it all.


In order to make an educated decision regarding what technique works best for each unique situation when dealing with surface elevation through concrete levelling, we shall look into evaluating both mudjacking and poly levelling’s advantages alongside any disadvantages associated with them within this piece – allowing one’s self a greater understanding prior to beginning work on such a task!

Comparing Costs

When considering the pricing of mudjacking and poly leveling, one must contemplate factors like how large an area needs to be leveled up, what material is being used and just how much would a poly-leveling project cost. On average, it usually turns out that going for mudjacking can prove more economical when compared to the latter option. Expenditure on this job typically falls between $500-$1,706 depending on both size and where you live.


Regardless though, getting yourself quotes from local concrete repair services ensures customers receive best bang for their buck since they are able to address problems at its root with top quality solutions available within budget constraints.

Suitability for Different Projects

Mudjacking can benefit a range of concrete surfaces, such as driveways, porches, walkways and steps that have sunken or settled. It is not typically suitable when the slab involved is load-bearing or structurally weak. In these cases, poly leveling may be preferred. Polyurethane foam combined with precision accuracy make it an excellent solution to lifting and accurately leveling larger concrete slabs, providing a more durable result than mudjacking alone would offer.

Foundation Repair and Mudjacking

Mudjacking is an excellent solution for rectifying the problem of sunken concrete slabs and safeguarding a home’s foundation. If your house has faced settling or any other sort of cracking, it must be attended to quickly in order to maintain its structural integrity as well as avoid damage later on.


In this article, we will explain how mudjacking can help repair foundations, ensuring that houses remain safe and secure throughout the years ahead.

Signs of Foundation Issues

It is essential to recognize the indicators of a foundation problem and take action quickly in order to prevent damage. Common signs that may indicate you have an issue include uneven floors, exterior wall cracking, doors or windows not closing properly, diagonal fractures on interior walls and gaps or separations around trim. If any of these warning signals are present, it’s time to consult with a professional for their assessment so they can recommend the right solution moving forward. Such as mudjacking repair work if necessary. Acting now will save both money and stress compared with leaving problems unchecked which could ultimately be more costly in the long run.

How Mudjacking Helps

Foundation repair can be a daunting task for homeowners, but mudjacking is an effective and affordable way to stabilize sinking slabs beneath your foundation. As opposed to more expensive methods of restoration, this process helps address the causes of structural issues such as soil erosion or settling while protecting one’s most valuable asset in life. Working with qualified professionals ensures that any underlying problems are taken care of so peace-of-mind may be achieved at minimal cost.


Mudjacking repairs ensure that integrity within foundations is maintained. Thereby ensuring safety and making sure no additional damage occurs over time due to settlement or cracking. Homeowners should take advantage of mudjacking services provided by knowledgeable technicians who know how best to restore their home’s stability without breaking the bank!

Maintaining Your Concrete Surfaces

To maintain the quality and appearance of your concrete surfaces, regular upkeep is necessary. By taking the right steps to care for it properly, you can extend its lifespan while avoiding costly repair costs or having to replace it altogether.


In this section we will discuss essential maintenance tips that can help keep your concretes in excellent condition and stop any issues requiring mudjacking or other solutions from arising. It is vital to remember these key points when caring for concrete if you want maximum results!

Preventative Measures

The most beneficial way of safeguarding existing concrete surfaces against harm is to take preventive measures like sealing joints and cracks in order to block out water penetration, protecting from debris intrusion that can cause deterioration with time, utilizing low-water cement ratios during pouring concrete operations, strictly following the necessary finishing methods when laying them down and avoiding cold temperatures while hardening. Routine maintenance should be conducted along with resealing every 1, 2 years as well as using sand for traction instead of deicing salts or chemical substances so one could sustain the condition and look of their cement composition over a long period thus not having mudjacking issues which are expensive fixes.

Repair and Maintenance Tips

Maintaining concrete surfaces requires regular upkeep as well as prompt reaction to any damage that might arise. Cleaning frequently will remove debris, spills and stains which can result in degradation over time. It is important to seal these areas with protective materials every 1-2 years so they remain safe from dirt, water or other contaminants entering them.


When dealing with cracks or breaks in the material, it is necessary for swift action if more serious deterioration needs to be avoided. Here are four steps one could follow: Clear away the surrounding area of whatever caused harm originally, fill the crack/hole up using an applicable patching product (depending on depth), wait until fully dried before taking the next step, then seal back up again when appropriate measures have been taken. Following those methods allows you an effective way to avoid costly replacement processes like mudjacking where possible!


Mudjacking is a popular choice among homeowners in Overland Park, KS and beyond due to its cost-effectiveness, minimal disruption during installation, as well as improved aesthetics and safety. Comparing mudjacking with other concrete leveling methods like poly leveling can help you decide which option fits your requirements best. Taking preventive action today will not only bring back beauty, but also extend the life of one’s driveway or sidewalk by avoiding expensive replacements or repairs down the line. Professional services are available for those looking for an affordable solution that gives immediate results when it comes to leveling their sunken concrete surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PolyLEVEL better than mudjacking?

PolyLEVEL is the best option to solve your concrete problems due to its speed, convenience and cost-effectiveness. It has a more secure and environment friendly advantage over mudjacking, which makes it absolutely perfect for any related requirements.

Is Mudjacking worth it?

Mudjacking can be a good option for particular jobs since it is cheaper and has more manageable results than polyurethane concrete raising, though additional tidying up may be necessary afterwards.

How long does concrete mudjacking last?

Polyjacking sets in just a quarter of an hour, while mudjacking will last from two to five years before requiring another application.

What is an alternative to mud jacking?

Using polyurethane foam concrete lifting is an effective choice when compared to mud jacking as it requires smaller drill holes and its lightness makes this process suitable for unstable soils. The expanded, hardened foam creates a strong foundation upon which the concrete can be placed.

Can I do concrete leveling myself?

It is possible to level a concrete slab with the right equipment and methods, although access to special tools may be necessary. There are DIY solutions for leveling concrete which involve mixing Portland cement and other components into an effective mudjacking slurry. Educating yourself about these approaches can help you make informed decisions when considering tackling a job of this type by yourself.